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Docker Development | Video Guide

I've created short, simple step by step guides on how to get started with developing applications using docker containers.

It's important to use the strength of containers, like dependency management, idempotency but also maintain ability to write code efficiently, debug code inside the container and send HTTP traffic to our application. I've also published all the source code which you can find on each video's description box on Youtube

Getting started with Dockerfiles

Let's get started with Docker and the basics of creating our first container. No matter the programming language, we cover C#, NodeJS, Python & Go!

Basics of Volumes and Ports!

Once we have a running container, we'd want to be able to develop inside of a container. Volumes mounts help us mount our code into the container so we don't need language runtimes on our machine. We can compile code in the container, export a port and serve traffic over localhost

Efficient images with Docker Multistage

We want to keep things super simple. Keep all our build dependancies inside the image, but not bloat our production system with build dependancies. We also do not want multiple dockerfiles for dev and prod. In this series we take a look at multistage builds, to keep our images small