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Here you will find many tech-related videos for DevOps, Platform Engineering and SRE topics.

Kubernetes Learning | Getting started

Learn Kubernetes the easy way! From installation, concepts, deployments, networking, secrets & configurations and more

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Kubernetes Learning | Monitoring

Learn how to monitor Kubernetes clusters. We'll go through all the components that make up a good monitoring solution.

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Docker Learning | Development Guide

Learn all the basic concepts around Docker development. How to use the strengths of Docker to create containerised immutable environments. Use Docker to compile your code and make your development environment work on any machine. We also take a look at debugging inside Docker containers.

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Monoliths to Microservices

Mallorca Software Crafters meetup where I talk about a journey from monolithic legacy applications to microservices running on docker and kubernetes

Performance & Scale: Billions of requests per day

Performance engineering talk about microservice container architectures at DDD Melb 2019.

Building a music finder algorithm #1

Finding and downloading free music is a pain! In this video we are finding a way to automate the near impossible

Music finder algorithm #2

We continue building out our components to download music.

Music finder algorithm #3

Let's build a fancy interface in Angular to use our system