Software Engineering, Architecture, Technology.

About me

I am a Solutions Architect, and my main focus is on technology & platform engineering.
I have a passion for software development, building distributed systems and DevOps.
I encourage the use of open source technology to help people become autonomous. I prefer doing everything in docker containers and run whatever I can on Kubernetes and cloud native technology.

"Without a goal, you can't score" - Casey Neistat

I started my YouTube channel in 2019 intending to broaden my learning and build a platform to teach and enable others. My goal is to create unique, authentic, energetic and powerful vlog-like videos that enable others to learn about technology. I thrive in a learning environment, and believe there's no better way to learn than to do. While learning, I document the process and make a movie.

More Videos

Learn by doing | My hands-on tutorials

I have created many short videos to convey and share my learning experiences.
If this is something that might interest you, checkout the tutorials below. I discuss various topics such as DevOps tooling, CI/CD, performance engineering, Linux, Kubernetes and Docker.
Also be sure to checkout my videos page for additional content.

Kubernetes Learning | Getting Started
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Kubernetes Learning | Monitoring
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Docker Learning | Development Guide
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More Videos

You can build something straightforward (just like this website), but when it comes to solid engineering practises, you have to ask yourself some questions:

This website you are looking at is built upon these standards and documented on GitHub. Every step of the journey is on YouTube and feel free to subscribe and follow me on this crusade!

I'll be covering topics such as :

This Website Architecture

As I continue my YouTube series, I also evolve this website architecture. Checkout my website Architecture to see how this is setup here